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About the Indian e-tourist

The e-Tourist Visa application process

We are committed to our client´s experience and therefore have created a user-friendly platform, which allows any user to quickly and successfully complete their Indian Tourist Visa application. The entire application process can be completed online to get started through

This way, travelers can relax and focus on the most important aspects of their trip, with their eTV in hand.

Choosing to process an application through our website means having the approved e-Tourist Visa visa linked to the passport used and having all personal information double-checked before submission. Once completed, the request will be reviewed and then submitted. Applicants usually receive their visas within 18 to 24 business hours if they apply for urgent processing. However, some may take longer to process, up to 5 to 7 working days.


We charge e-Tourist Visa (eTV) fee is INR 9250 (Approx USD 135) Exchange rate applicable per passenger including interchange charge for credit/debit cards, embassy fee, service fee and all application handling charge. Note that you will not be charged the 2.5% transaction fee, which the Indian Government charges.

Urgent eTourist Visa

Urgent e-Tourist visa Fee is INR 19850 (Approx USD 295) Exchange rate applicable per passenger including interchange charge for credit/debit cards.

For urgent visa approval you can choose the express services by paying extra charges in case of urgent travels. Urgent e-tourist Visa can be obtained in 18 to 24 business hours in case of urgent travels after paying the relevant charges. Please contact customer care number if you need any assistance with it.

The system

We only use up-to-date, reliable technology to ensure our client´s privacy and safety throughout the entirety of the application process, including payment.

Customer Service

Our team of travel experts is available around the clock. In the case of doubts or questions contact us via email.

Who Can Apply e-Tourist Visa Online?

Passport holders of 157 countries including The United States, are eligible to apply for the Indian tourist visa (eTV) online. Tourists may visit India for the purpose of tourism, recreation, vacation, small business trip and for short duration medical treatments etc. The maximum stay allowed is 60 days from the date of entry in India and the visa issued is restricted to double entry. You can apply twice within a calendar year. Applicants of Pakistani origin can not apply for a tourist visa online.

How it Works

The e-Visa will be processed and issued electronically and sent to the traveler via email. When the traveler arrives in India, they will need to have biometric information taken at the airport and their passport will be stamped.

An eTV is a visa for travel to India that is issued electronically. Because the India e-Tourist visa is issued on-line; it is not necessary to submit an original passport or other documents for processing, though the traveler must have an original, valid passport. A scanned copy is sufficient for the e-Visa to be processed. Simply complete and submit Travisa's online request form and the Indian visa can be processed online. Then once the traveler arrives in India, biometric information (scans of fingerprints) will be taken at the airport the original visa will be stamped inside the passport.

The Indian e-Tourist visa is generally issued for a single entry visit with a duration of stay up to 60 days from the date of entry in India. A maximum of two Indian e-Visas can be issued for the same traveler within one calendar year.


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